Information Security

Information security is becoming more and more important. Not only does your business have to comply with regulations, but also customers are demanding more and more protection for their data. The risk does not only spring from attackers, competitors, employee errors or even fraud, but how you handle the information entrusted to you is a vital part of the quality of your products and services.


Everybody can write a computer program. Not everybody can develop a long term, well sustainable solution in a complex corporate environment. Creating and delivering quality information systems is a trade. Solutions depend upon your long term business goals, ability to invest and short term problems. IT strategy is important in dealing with competitors and keeping employees and customers happy. And making sure every budget is spent well.


Gaining knowledge is a good way to grow. This is not only true on a personal level, but also true for companies. Gaining knowledge and applying this to every day (working) life. Essential for improvement and increasing or maintaining quality.

Human Element

Humans are both strongest and weakest links in IT as well as Information security. No program can conquer human creativity and every human will lose to a computer program in terms of consistency.

Security Resilience

So not only focus on how to prevent bad things to happen to your company, customers, employees or your information, but also work on how to notice if anything happens and how to respond after bad things have happend!


Improving security and quality makes you sleep better at night!

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